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General conditions of use - General rules and definitions

By using the services connected to the site, you are required to comply with the terms and conditions of use specified below. reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions by reserving the option to publishing the changes to the site, or through other means, in its discretion. Each user is required to periodically verify these conditions to make sure that any changes have taken place after the last site consultation. In any case, use of the site and its services entails acceptance of the changes that have occurred in the meantime. reserves the right to modify, suspend or even partially interrupt services, including access to the database or content. may also introduce access or service restrictions, in whole or in part, without prior notice and without liability for such service limitation.

For the sake of clarity of interpretation, the following are the main definitions used in this document:

  • is the holder of the domain
  • By site means the web/platform, which includes the set of services and content offered by the web page
  • The user is the site visitor and the user of the services provided by the site.
  • The following services may be available on the site:
    • newsletters (optional)
    • search for items in a category
    • adding elements to a private collection
    • leave opinions and reviews of an element
    • notify other users which user elements are available to exchange

Contents and services on website and use by users

The contents and services contained on platform are intended for personal and non-professional use. All materials published on the site (including photographs, images, illustrations, video recordings, hereinafter also referred to as "contents") belongs to their respective owners.

The user is required to comply with any additional information that may be present on the site in relation to the intellectual property of the contents accessed through the site services.

The services of the platform and its contents are protected by the international rules on copyright. The user is not authorized to modify, publish, transmit, share, transfer in use for any reason, reproduce, re-elaborate, distribute, execute, give access in any way the contents or services of platform even partially.

The user, only for personal use, is authorized to download or copy the contents and any other downloadable material available through the services of the platform.

The reproduction and collection of any content for reasons other than personal use is expressly prohibited in the absence of prior express authorization issued in writing by or content's respective owners.

If content from third parties is published on platform, the owner of platform doesn't assumes responsibility for incompleteness, inaccuracies, errors, omissions with respect to the integrity of the information and is not liable for any consequential damages. reserves the right to interrupt the services offered at any time and to terminate the use of the site in any form, without limitations and without notice.

Materials and contents sent by readers

You cannot post, distribute or otherwise publish any content that is defamatory, harassing, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or any illegal title in any of the environments authorized for this purpose. For example, you can not use the site and its services for fraud or phishing purposes.

Users may not post confidential information or personally identify your personal information, including, but not limited to, credit card numbers, tax code, and license number. The user can not publish information such as password, user names, phone numbers, email addresses of other users.

You agree to not engage in violent attitudes or to verbally attack other users, refrain from using sloppy terms, nor to intentionally discontinue discussions with repetitive messages, meaningless messages, or actions aimed at selling products or services. You agree to use a respectful language and not to use violent terms or discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual inclinations, physical or mental disabilities and more. The use of violent language will be the reason for the immediate expulsion of the same and for enabling all services on the platform. Each individual attack of a user will be interpreted as a direct violation of these behavioral norms and will justify the immediate and definitive expulsion of the same from all site services.

Comments can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Without the express permission of the publisher, each user must refrain from distributing or distributing by any means any message containing any commercial offer of any kind.

The user is personally responsible for the contents of their messages. The site manager and the holder of are not responsible for the control of each of the received messages and therefore do not respond to their content. In any case, they reserve the right to delete, move, modify messages, which at their discretion appear abusive, defamatory, obscene or injurious to copyright, trademarks or other users and in any case unacceptable to the site line.

You acknowledge and agree that any submission of material made to participate in the site services may be modified, removed, published, transmitted or executed by You therefore waive all material and moral rights that may the author of the changes made to such material.

You grant an unlimited right of use, exclusive of geographical coverage. may therefore, directly or through third parties, use, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, publicly perform, distribute, create, host, index, store, annotate, encode, modify and adapt (including without limitation to the right to adapt the transmission by any means of communication) in any form or with any instrument currently known or which will be invented in the future, any image and any message, including audio and video, that should be sent by the user, including through third parties.

The rules in this article cover any type of user-generated content using the services provided by the platform.

Using links

The platform may contain links to other resources on the Internet. The site manager is not responsible for the effective accessibility and availability of such resources outside of its site or its contents. Therefore, you are invited to contact the administrator of these external sites if you encounter problems with such content.

Declarations of liability and warranties

By accessing the site and its services, you agree to:

  • Do not use the site or the material contained therein to pursue illegal purposes or as a means of disclosing or disseminating in any way material or content pre-ordered to the commission of illegal activity;
  • Do not use the site to stop, damage, or minimize part or all of it or otherwise damage the site's effectiveness or functionality;
  • Do not use the site for the transmission or placement of viruses or any other defamatory, offensive, obscene or threatening material or that may in some way cause discomfort, disturbance or any injury;
  • Do not use the site to constitute a breach of any person or company (including, but not limited to, copyright or privacy rights);
  • Do not use the site to convey material for advertising and/or promotional purposes.

You also warrant that the content is sent to the site via your account from the age of majority. For minors the materials will have to be screened and authorized by the practitioners the parent's power. is not responsible for the material used and/or the conduct held by users while browsing the site. also assume no responsibility regards to the transmission to the user of any viruses and malicious content originating from third parties. As a result, the user will keep the publisher and the manager of the platform and all subject to these affiliates against any liability and prejudice, including, without exception, legal fees determined on the basis of the professional fee paid by the publisher or the web site manager as a result of legal actions arising out of the user's violation of these obligations in connection with the abuse of his or her own account by third parties in breach of the warranties set forth in this article.

In any case, the user is required to provide any co-operation with the site manager to properly protect his/her rights in relation to such legal actions. The Site Manager does not in any way guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the opinions, statements, indications or other information published, uploaded or distributed through the Site Services by any user, provider or any other natural or legal person .

You acknowledge that any trust in the truthfulness and reliability of the opinions, statements, indications or information published on the site is done at its sole discretion, assuming the relative consequences. The service and all downloadable materials are provided in the state in which they are without warranty of any kind, including without limitation, the warranties of ownership, merchantability and fitness for certain purposes. The user therefore acknowledges that the use of such materials is carried out under their total and exclusive liability.

The Site Manager is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the failure of the User to comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Site Manager shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or related to any use or operation of the Site, including, but not limited to, loss of business, loss of profits, loss of commercial information, any other type of loss.

You acknowledge and agree expressly that:

  • The site and any ancillary services are provided "as is" and "as available". It is expressly excluded from any guarantee by the owner of the site;
  • The site owner does NOT warrant that the site and any ancillary services will satisfy the user's needs, that the site and services will be provided uninterruptedly, punctually, safely or free of errors, that the user's expectation and the results obtained from the use of the site, the blog and the services are truthful and reliable, that the quality of the services, information or other materials acquired or obtained through the site and/or the software can meet the needs of users, nor that the published material is correct;
  • Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained from or through the platform and/or the blog is obtained solely and exclusively at the discretion and sole risk of users who are the sole and exclusive responsible for any damage to your computer or for the loss of data deriving from having downloaded such content or having used the site and associated services.

Recording and security

As part of the registration process, you are required to choose your own user ID and password. In addition, the user is required to provide specific information that must be correct and up-to-date. The user can not choose another person's user ID with the intention of using their identity. Also, you can not use another person's user ID without his express permission. It is also forbidden to use a user ID that the site manager, discretely, will consider harm to third party rights, or otherwise offensive or scurrilous.

The password chosen by the readers when registering to the services and inserted in the relevant form or registration form is personal and can not be sold. Users are required to guard with the utmost care and to keep the password confidential in order to prevent the use of the service by unauthorized third parties. They will be responsible for any use by such third parties of any such identification or any damage caused to the platform, site manager, and/or third parties, as a result of non-observance of the foregoing.

Failure to comply with these rules violates these general terms of use and may result in the immediate cancellation of the account of the subject of the violation. In the event of actual or potential unauthorized use of your account, you are prompted to report it by providing any detailed information about the violation and by giving notice of unauthorized access, your password, and your personal informations.

The user is aware that children under the age of 13 must be assisted and authorized by the respective parents. You are fully responsible for any action taken through your account, either directly or through third parties that you have authorized. Any abusive, fraudulent or in any case illegal use is the cause of the immediate cancellation of the account, subject to unquestionable judgment of the site manager.

Service costs and payments

The site services are free unless otherwise stated and analytically specified. The site manager reserves the right to charge fees for access to portions of the site or to specific services or the entire site. In any case, the site manager will not ask for payment of any consideration unless he has previously obtained an express adherence to that offer.

Therefore, if the site manager requests a fee for access to portions of the site or services that are currently free of charge, the user will receive prior communication with the detailed indication of such costs, giving the user the opportunity to choose whether to join the service. In case of acceptance the user will pay this fee in the forms that he will choose at the cost that will be defined upon acceptance of the service itself.

Communications between the site manager and the user platform, as the owner as the holder reserves the right to send to the user communications via email or other means at his discretion to inform him of changes or additions to the site and related services.

The statistics and site-related data may be used by the site manager for research and analysis.

The site manager may contact the user by email for participation in surveys, feedback on the website, and on existing products or services or to be implemented. This information will not be shared with third parties, if not aggregated, and will only be used to improve the site and services.

Software use license

The user does not acquire any rights in connection with the use of the software on the site outside of the use required to enjoy the services themselves. You therefore can not grant usage rights, assign or transfer licenses for such software. You are not authorized to make copies of the software for your personal use and without prejudice to the distribution, modification, rework or download of works derived from such software.

Duration of the account

You can cancel your account at any time by contacting the site administrator at It is understood that the user is responsible for all activities performed with the account until it is actually deactivated. The Site Manager may discretionally cancel or temporarily suspend access to all or part of the Site and Services for any reason, including, without limitation, any breach of the rules described in these Terms of Service access.


These access conditions must be applied and interpreted in accordance with the general rules established on The user can write to the through the appropriate page for each communication regarding these access conditions. You agree to undertake to report to the site manager any violation inherent to these access conditions as soon as you know it.

Personal data protection platform, site manager and site holder disclose how management protects the privacy of users who visit the site in the Privacy Policy section.

Any personal information sent to the site will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection law in use. Any non-personal information provided to the site manager (including suggestions, ideas, designs, etc.) will entitle the latter to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, put, and distribute such non-personal information. The disclosure of this information will automatically result in the transfer of these, free of charge and with all broader rights and faculties, to and its administrators.

The site offers informative and interactive content. While browsing the site, platform can acquire users informations in the following ways:

A) Navigation data

The website may collects technical information about the hardware and software used by the visitors, independently by means of tools for analyzing link files. This information relates to:

  • IP address
  • Type of browser
  • Internet service provider
  • Operating system
  • Domain name and web site addresses from which they have accessed or exited (referring/exit pages)
  • Information about the pages visited by users inside the site
  • Access time
  • Stay on the single page
  • Internal path analysis (clickstream)
  • Video resolution
  • Connection type
  • Country from which the user connects
  • Presence of installed java plugins

This information does not provide personal information of the user, but only technical/informational data that are collected and used in an aggregate and anonymous manner solely for the purpose of improving the quality of the service and providing statistics regarding the use of the site.

B) Data provided by the user

These are the cases in which the same user is the one issuing his/her personal data to access certain services or to submit requests by e-mail. This involves the adquisition by platform of the sender's address and/or any other personal data that will be processed solely to respond to the requests made for the provision of the requested service.

"OPT-IN" and "OPT-OUT" policy

In all cases, appropriate information will be provided before activating a particular service and, where necessary, obtained the relevant consent to the processing of personal data. Such consent may be subsequently revoked at any time, by denying the possibility of using the service in question.

The retention of collected data takes place for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the treatment is performed, namely the activation/management of the requested service.