Terms and Conditions Super Users


These general conditions apply strictly to all uses and all items presents on i-collector.org platform. Any request made to i-collector.org necessarily implies as a determinant and essential condition, the unreserved acceptance by the user of the i-collector.org's Legal Notice in force on the day on which the corresponding user registration is carried out.

In addition, the user acknowledges that the acceptance of these conditions will imply the application of these conditions to the activity to which they refer, as well as to all subsequent activities, except in those cases in which new conditions are brought to your knowledge by the i-collector.org platform. The fact that i-collector.org does not appeal at any given time to any of the present conditions can not be interpreted or equivalent to giving up recourse to them in the future or in the past.

General principles

Randomly, Administrators from "https://i-collector.org" platform will review the information and all images that will be received from Superusers through the regulated administration functionality.

Every Superuser action is recorded and stored automatically for the whole time he's logged on "https://i-collector.org" platform.

Superusers from "https://i-collector.org" platform must behave at all times with respect and honesty.

In case of doubts you will always have to resort to an Administrator, contacting them directly or through the tool for that developed.

Administrators will be monitoring so that the regulated administration functionality is not misused by adding inappropriate, incorrect images or publishing information with furtive, false, destructive or insulting content. In case of observing a wrong, erroneous or incorect and repeated behavior by a Superuser, the access to the regulated administration functionality will be immediately removed, making this user a user without administration privileges.

The information provided on the "https://i-collector.org" platform by a Superuser must be sent with a clear understanding of the final objective, that is, the creation, the extension of a line of figures or the correction of existing information. A Superuser must be aware at all times that the required information must be as accurate as possible and as relevant as possible to the reality of the entities it is applying to load.

Please check carefully the spelling and the information before uploading it to the platform. Erroneous information can lead to incorrect interpretations of the value or the information of an element. Precisely the web has as objective to gather all the information dispersed on the Internet in a single point, and for this reason it has to be a reliable point of reference at international level.

The minimum age for employment or participation in "https://i-collector.org" platform is 16 years.

The "https://i-collector.org" platform has a privacy policy regarding users and Superusers subscribed in it, however, any user who accesses the web will be able to read the details added by a Superuser or an Administrator and see associated with them the inherent image of that information. The user may not edit or delete information or an image once a line has been closed by an Administrator, however, he may request through the website contact that an Administrator make modifications or cancellations, always depending on the assessment and final decision of this one.

Any information and image sent by a Superuser will be registered and monitored by the Administrators of the web, as well as the IP and nickname of the user who has made the contribution of the information. This information will be visible at all times by all users, Superusers and Administrators.

Superusers from "https://i-collector.org" platform undertake to provide information that is true and correct as much as possible.

Superusers from "https://i-collector.org" platform will be totally responsible about all the information provided and images uploaded, as per any copyright infringement.

Privacy Policies, Contact Form, Legal Terms, General Terms and Conditions from "https://i-collector.org" platform are visible from the bottom of the main page and in all sub-sections, and apply in any moment.

"https://i-collector.org" platform and "https://i-collector.org" platform owner are not responsible for any action or declaration realized by a Superuser that may cause offence or damage to any collective, person or entity. If may be the case, "https://i-collector.org" platform will provide all the information needed to pursue the Superuser.

Superusers may not in any way publish advertisements in the form of comments, details or general information on "https://i-collector.org" platform environment.

In addition to common sense, please have good manners, courtesy, professionalism, respect for users, other Superusers and Administrators, taking into account that any dispute or eventual misunderstanding between Superusers or users must be addressed by an Administrator and managed by him.

At the moment there are already numerous examples of how the elements of a line should be or how the parent categories are organized, the Superuser must adhere to these examples and in no case improvise or experiment on its own. In case of doubt or uncertainty a Superuser should always turn to an Administrator or other Superusers.

Please do not write the descriptions of an item or provide information using only uppercase characters. This is part of the cause of incorrect behavior and susceptible to corrective action by the Administrators.

Images and Informations

All the images and details provided by a Superuser are under his responsability. "https://i-collector.org" platform Administrators reserves for themself the right to modify anytime and without any notice the information provided by a Superuser according to the needs that may occur. Images, photographs, graphics, descriptions and values of the elements shown on i-colector.org platform belong to the respective owners, must be just orientative and do not compromise in any way the "https://i-collector.org" platform or the site owner.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all the acts that result from them, will be subject to the country law where the user resides, unless there are contrary public order provisions.