In most cases, these are re-editions of figures already produced before using the old molds from the european versions made in Hong Kong and China, discontinued due to the rising popularity of the Myth Cloth Series since 2003.

In all the other cases, they are totally new vintage editions, with a more elaborate design in the details of facial expressions and accessories. The figures included in these new edition were Shaina Ophiucus HK, Argol Perseo HK, Misty Lizard HK, Jabu Unicorn V1 HK, and entire categories such as DVD Box Edition HK, Specter HK (both those distributed in 2003 and 2006), the "New Bronze Cloth" V2 Gold HK (which in turn were re-editions of the DVD Box Edition), and the three Bronze Sacred Armor.

In both cases there are several changes from the "classic" vintages: the box design comes with less details than the previous versions, but it looks good anyway, especially in 2006 versions, and the the instruction manual is now written in English instead of Japanese. A curious detail, in every instruction manual we can find a typo, it's indicated "clothe", instead of "cloth".

In this HK edition the Gold Saints Clothes have an orange and not very golden tone; they mistakenly appear golden in the photos on the back of the boxes. The biggest (negative) feature common to almost all figures is the paint: a huge gobal production failure that leaves the figures damaged even if the box is not opened.

Edizioni Bandai Asia HK 2004

A cura di Frank Cat (Francesco Catarcio)