In 1987 the figures market was revolutionized with the release of the "Saint Cloth Series" on the Japanese market, a real innovation for the time. The possibility of mounting the character's armor, both on the figure as on its object, was never seen before. In addition, it was no longer just plastic, the addition of metal parts was a great idea, so much that at a distance of thirty years later, we still continue collecting them around the world, testifying the great success that Bandai© had, and continues to have. Since January '87, the first versions of the main characters, the five Bronze V1s, go on sale in an edition called "First Born", in parallel to another one called "Window Box".

In March the Black Saints appear, an edition already super limited at the time and only for the Japanese market, which means almost impossible to acquire today, especially at reasonable prices. One month later, following the TV serie plot, the Steel Saints are distribuited (Sho Tucan, Ushio Swordfish and Daichi Fox), without having much success at that time. Being these also a limited edition to the Japanese market only, today they are very rare to find. In the same month the figure of Marin Hawk, the only Silver Saint available, also came out.

This figure was distributed without problems in its respective version in Europe and South America. In the following months Bandai© carries out an experiment and distributes the "Heavy Metal" edition, a giant version of the characters of Seiya Pegasus, Shiryu Dragon and Hyoga Cygnus. Perhaps due to the excessive price (almost 3000Y of the time), it was decided not to continue with this line, anyway it managed to reach the French market in its adapted version. A similar fate touched the only SetDisplay of the time, the Colosseum. Released in August 1987, a version for the French market (Le Stade Colisee) was also produced.

During the months of July 1987 and January 1988, the armor of the Golden Knights gradually came to light, highly requested by fans, eager to acquire the character of their personal zodiac sign. In December 1987, due to the incredible success of the sales of the previous figures, the "Memorial" version of the Bronze V1 (Gold Armor Edition) was launched, again only for the Japanese market. As of May 1988, the number of lines increase considerably: the Bronze V2 versions are distributed in an edition called "New Version", which served as an opening for the production of Asgard's divine armors (July-September 1988) and those of the Marine Generals (July-December 1988).

Despite the growing success, to further promote the sales, from 1987 to 1989 very limited figures were drawn in very limited units, the "Presento" editions. To obtain them, proofs of purchase from other regular figures had to be sent and just hope to be a lucky one winner. Due to that, nowadays are considered the most rare and expensive figures for all collectionists around the world. The japanes editions are then completed by a "Memorial Box Edition" of the twelve Gold Saints in year 2000 and by a "DVD Edition" in 2003.

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